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Harsharan (Harry) Ghoman & Amarbir (Alex) Ghoman

The Ghoman group was founded by Amarbir Singh Ghoman and Harry Ghoman. After graduating from hotel management, he started his career with his first small pizza restaurant. Over the years, the Ghoman group has developed hotels (branded and unbranded), travel centers and truck stops, businesses, and restaurants, franchised and non-franchised.  The Ghoman group owns and manages hotels, restaurants, travel centers, land development throughout the United States and Canada.  Throughout their careers, they have received numerous awards and recognition for their accomplishments.  Since 1995, the organization has created thousands of jobs and added millions of dollars to the economy. 

Ghoman group has been involved in socially significant sports events, building a sporting stadium, and sponsoring teams throughout the country.  Ghoman group is involved with helping the unfortunate build houses.  The Ghoman group has donated time and money to the underprivileged sporting uniforms and equipment.

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Commercial Projects

Public Spaces

Residential Homes


Our team manages every step of your project’s requirements from initial planning and design through project closeout and completion.

land development

Each project begins with careful due diligence and planning, followed with practical and cost effective design solutions. 


Our portfolio of hotels highlights hotels in all segments, including resort-style, full-service, boutique, lifestyle, select-service and extended-stay.


Our focus on c-store retailing and petroleum marketing ensures our guidance is based on the latest industry trends.


Our portfolio features small buildings and large communities, and every type of multi-family housing.


We strive to make sure every time you set foot in one of our restaurants you have a memorable experience

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